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Trains & Things

1 hour ago
« Build a logistics company from the ground up in this real time multiplayer focused economic strategy game »
price€ 16.79
genre#earlyaccess #strategy #earlyaccess
released23 Jan, 2020

Der Geisterturm / The Ghost Tower

4 hours ago
« Der Geisterturm is a futuristic dungeon crawler with survival horror elements where you fight your way to the top floor of a mysterious tower while piloting your own Robotic Combat Suit. »
price€ 11.24
genre#adventure #rpg #dungeoncrawler
released23 Jan, 2020

Dungeon Origins

5 hours ago
« Betrayed by the kingdom, the hero seeks his revenge as a new dungeon master! Build and manage your dungeon, raid villages, unlock new evolutions, grow an army of powerful monsters and then fulfill your revenge against the kingdom! »
price€ 7.37
genre#strategy #action #adventure
released23 Jan, 2020


5 hours ago
« Enter the apocalyptic fantasy world filled with monsters and demons, become the only warrior experiences intense combats and slay thousands of enemies in an epic action RPG. »
price€ 0
genre#action #adventure #rpg
released23 Jan, 2020


7 hours ago
« Failspace is a Co-op, crisis-solving, multiplayer VR game where you have to nurture your fragile spaceship through the ever-changing dangers of space. Up to 4 people can join the mission where their skills, resilience and friendship will be tested all across the galaxy. »
price€ 19.99
genre#simulation #action #onlinecoop
released23 Jan, 2020


7 hours ago
« Strange and unusual creatures inhabited Earth’s underground, unknown to humankind. This was until Momoko, a fashion-obsessed high school girl, accidentally discovered them. Together, they plotted to combine the civilizations above and below the surface to create a new world: Dezatopia. »
price€ 16.79
genre#action #arcade #retro
released23 Jan, 2020

Path of Redemption

10 hours ago
« A challenging Souls-Like ARPG that you need to fight your way to survive the deadly enemies and enviroments. »
price€ 5.12
genre#earlyaccess #action #adventure
released23 Jan, 2020

Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception

12 hours ago
« You awaken in a field of snow with no memory of even your name. The local monstrosities nearly devour you before you meet your rescuer, a beautiful girl named Kuon—who has animal ears and a tail. She names you Haku⸺ The Japanese hit tactics-RPG visual novel series returns to PC at last! »
price€ 28.89
genre#adventure #rpg #simulation
released23 Jan, 2020

Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth

12 hours ago
« Haku has sacrificed a lot to inherit a mask. With his natural wiles and the reputation of his departed friend, he strikes out on the path to a new future. The curtains rise on an era of strife that will shake Yamato to its very foundations. »
price€ 28.89
genre#adventure #rpg #simulation
released23 Jan, 2020

Highly Likely

14 hours ago
« The first part of the trilogy, Highly Likely, is a surreal 2D Adventure about a funny and somewhat naive character called Mikola who is trying to do all he can to save his homestead. »
price€ 8.49
genre#earlyaccess #adventure #earlyaccess
released23 Jan, 2020

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iubes are intelligent cubes - prepare yourself to deal with it. A strange world for an alternative online strategy game. Learn to master the iubes, set up your most efficient strategy, and cross their world to defeat the other players. Might you become the only King...
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genre#strategy #rts #multiplayer


The Hyperway was constructed through the 24th century to complete the colonization of the solar system. As the hyperway grew out of control, most people started to call it the Hellway...
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genre#mmorpg #scifi #procedural

Through The Unknown

6 days ago
« Through The Unknown is a 3D platformer where you try to survive deadly environments as a little jelly cube. Play through a courageous story mode and unlock new features for the level editor, where you can create your own courses to play. »
price€ 15.11
genre#adventure #3dplatformer #leveleditor
released17 Jan, 2020

Hot Shot Burn

7 days ago
« Hot Shot Burn is the hilariously violent party brawler that lets you compete in the galaxy's ultimate televised blood sport. Experience crazy couch battles full of ridiculous flukes and insane skill shots for up to 4 players. »
price€ 14.99
genre#4playerlocal #action #localmultiplayer
released17 Jan, 2020

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A most brazen attack of a pirate armada is seen off by imperial forces. #indiegame #thefalconeer
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Just another day on the job 🔥 #embrgame #indiegame #indiedev #gamedev #videogame
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Submerged #lowpoly #blender #3dart #gamedev #indiedev
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8 hours ago
|| Gamer #PSVita #NintendoSwitch #PS4 | Graphic Designer | Learning: 日本語 | #VitaIsland #SwitchCorps #TWDFamily #FinalFantasy #ResidentEvil #Ys ||
2 days ago
Developing #Ikai : submerge into Japanese folklore and live the horror from Feudal era's beliefs as the priestess of a temple. Subscribe:
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