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Scrindies always supports indiegames and indiedevs. Here are some recent games which might deserve more attention!

Inertial Drift

11 days ago
« Forget everything you know about drifting. Inertial Drift tears up the racing rule book with innovative twin-stick controls, completely re-imagined driving mechanics and a roster of fiercely individual cars. »
price€ 17.99
genre#racing #arcade #driving
released11 Sep, 2020

Tin & Kuna

11 days ago
« Spin and smash through the colorful, chaotic worlds of Tin & Kuna. Explore levels filled with puzzles and peril. »
price€ 24.99
genre#adventure #action #platformer
released10 Sep, 2020

Redneck Ed: Astro Monsters Show

11 days ago
« Crisp combat mechanics, challenging arenas, hilarious storyline, and totally addictive and painfully familiar spot-on gameplay. Experience the thrills of fighting your way through the most bizarre villains in the Galaxy and defend the honor of Earth in the space arena! »
price€ 14.44
genre#beatemup #platformer #fighting
released10 Sep, 2020


11 days ago
« Microodyssey is a narrative-driven 2D platform game, representing a travel into the greater scientific question: what there is at the start and at the end of everything? »
price€ 12.49
genre#action #adventure #precisionplatformer
released10 Sep, 2020

Bounty Battle

11 days ago
« Bounty Battle is the ultimate indie fighting game: a new multiplayer 2D fighter, where you can pit your favourite indie heroes against one another! Indie heroes from games like Guacamelee! and Darkest Dungeon, to Dead Cells, Owlboy & more battle it out in this fighter frenzy. »
price€ 16.99
genre#2dfighter #fighting #beatemup
released10 Sep, 2020

As Far As The Eye

11 days ago
« Build a mobile village and travel with your tribe toward the center of the world, called The Eye. This roguelike turn-based resource-management game is made of procedural situations, natural events, skill-trees and hard choices. Ready to move? »
price€ 18.89
genre#strategy #singleplayer #building
released10 Sep, 2020


11 days ago
« A noir spaceship-life sim, set in a solar system cut-off from a ravaged Earth. Design your one-of-a-kind spaceship. Hire crew with physical and emotional needs. Enjoy detailed ship control panels and interiors. Then manage your dysfunctional crew and ship as you fend off bankruptcy...or worse. »
price€ 13.43
genre#earlyaccess #immersivesim #space
released10 Sep, 2020

Hotshot Racing

11 days ago
« Hotshot Racing is a blisteringly fast arcade-style racing game fusing drift handling, razor-sharp retro visuals and an incredible sense of speed to create an exhilarating driving experience. »
price€ 15.99
genre#racing #arcade #splitscreen
released10 Sep, 2020

Disgaea 4 Complete+

11 days ago
« The ultimate Disgaea has arrived to Steam! HL-raising action and a horde of special features await you in this tale of fiery revolution. »
price€ 29.99
genre#rpg #strategy #strategyrpg
released10 Sep, 2020

Arcanion: Tale of Magi

11 days ago
« Arcanion: Tale of Magi is a retro-style platformer that tells the story of a fledgling warrior Magi, and she and her allies must recover a book from a thief who seeks to use its powers to carry out his revenge. »
price€ 11.96
genre#action #adventure #platformer
released8 Sep, 2020


iubes are intelligent cubes - prepare yourself to deal with it. A strange world for an alternative online strategy game. Learn to master the iubes, set up your most efficient strategy, and cross their world to defeat the other players. Might you become the only King...
Discover on Steam
genre#strategy #rts #multiplayer
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