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Scrindies always supports indiegames and indiedevs. Here are some recent games which might deserve more attention!


11 days ago
« Oval takes your skills to a whole new level with thrilling and competitive multiplayer battles. Break your speed limit and go faster than ever without motion-sickness thanks to Oval's unique technology. Create, share or play awesome community maps using the multiplayer level editor. »
price€ 7.64
genre#action #vr
released11 Aug, 2019

Contort Effect

11 days ago
« In Contort Effect they dive into a blurred world of reality and a fictional future. Use your ability of time manipulation and keep your enemies at a distance. You're going through a monstrosity of soulless robots against everyone. Wander through the levels with different weapons and kill your enemies. »
price€ 11.96
genre#action #casual #gore
released9 Aug, 2019

Reflecting Reflections

12 days ago
« Collect, Prepare, Destroy, Fortify, Protect and Explore across 72 Levels. You will destroy the enemy in BATTLE. You will hold off waves of oncoming attackers in PROTECT. You will discover the solution in SOLVE. Will you be victorious? »
price€ 10.61
genre#strategy #action #adventure
released9 Aug, 2019

Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2020

17 days ago
« Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2020 puts you in the role of general manager of your favorite professional football team. Every decision can be made by you from drafting, trading, signing free agents right down to creating and calling your own plays to lead your team to championship glory and becoming a dynasty. »
price€ 26.99
genre#strategy #simulation #sports
released5 Aug, 2019


17 days ago
« Roll your way through a hard-core, high-speed, fury-inducing, nail-biting, reaction-based physics-platformer where momentum and skill is the difference between making the jump and falling to your inevitable death. »
price€ 13.99
genre#action #adventure #platformer
released5 Aug, 2019

Battles For Spain

17 days ago
« This game represents Four Battles of the Spanish Civil War, battles of Ebro, Teruel, Guadalajara and Merida or La Serena. Players can play as Nationalists, Republican or both in player vs player game. Unit size is battalion for infantry and cavalry, company or battalion for armoured cars or tanks, batteries for artillery and squadron for... »
price€ 22.49
released5 Aug, 2019

Agtnan: Monster Shutdown Sequence

17 days ago
« Survive the night terror hordes as an escaping robot in a retro sci-fi world. Use warp tubes, portals, conveyor belts, bombs and more to keep your circuits intact for another day. »
price€ 12.49
genre#earlyaccess #action #earlyaccess
released4 Aug, 2019


18 days ago
« MORDER is a stealth-shooter game where you play either as a hired killer or a security agent. Be quick and sneaky, or deliver chaos and destroy the opposition, or maybe you will defend the innocent with your life. It's your choice. »
price€ 11.99
genre#earlyaccess #earlyaccess #action
released29 Sep, 2017

Lost Flame

20 days ago
« Lost Flame is a modern roguelike game featuring unique and challenging turn-based combat. Explore the ruined kingdom of Hiraeth, fight against legendary warriors of the past and discover the reasons of the cataclysm. »
price€ 10.43
genre#earlyaccess #rpg #earlyaccess
released2 Aug, 2019

Ethereal Enigma

20 days ago
« A choice-driven, slice of life visual novel featuring full voice-over and an intricate relationship system! »
price€ 16.79
genre#earlyaccess #rpg #earlyaccess
released2 Aug, 2019
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