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Scrindies always supports indiegames and indiedevs. Here are some recent games which might deserve more attention!

Tale of the Fragmented Star: Single Fragment Version / 星の欠片の物語、ひとかけら版

24 days ago
« Help a stranded girl escape with just your eyes in this puzzle game designed specifically for VR. From the stationary convergence point between the two worlds, use the "Focus Lock" to tell her the steps she has to take in order to put the star back together. »
price€ 20.99
genre#adventure #vr
released22 Nov, 2018

DragonScales 5: The Frozen Tomb

25 days ago
« A new DragonScales journey with expanded tile-matching challenges, battles, and extra missions. Zarya's adventure comprises 200 levels, new (and weird) characters, a few tricky puzzles, and unlockable power-ups. Her ultimate goal: releasing the dragon sealed in The Frozen Tomb! »
price€ 10.79
genre#casual #sequel #match3
released20 Nov, 2018

ARTé: Mecenas®

29 days ago
« Command history as head of the Medici. Become the patron of such luminaries as Da Vinci and Michelangelo by using your wits to build your banking empire, establish your reputation, and commission artworks. But beware - your choices have consequences. Will you prosper or perish? »
price€ 15.11
genre#strategy #rpg #simulation
released6 Jun, 2016

Windlands 2

30 days ago
« A first person grappling hook exploration game. Return to the world of Windlands, alone or with friends. Armed with grappling hooks and a bow, soar through the ruins of a fallen world. Embark on a journey to destroy the gigantic titans and save the world from an ancient danger. »
price€ 22.49
genre#action #adventure
released15 Nov, 2018

Beyond the Sky

31 days ago
« Help Selene escape from a mysterious dark forest and defeat her fears in an exciting and powerful point and click adventure that will test your wits with difficult but logical puzzles seamlessly integrated into the story. »
price€ 11.69
genre#adventure #point&click #2d
released14 Nov, 2018

Runes: The Forgotten Path

31 days ago
« In Runes you are a renegade wizard fighting for survival in a virtual fantasy world. Use the movement of your hands to cast powerful spells, solve puzzles and fight enemies. Explore rich and detailed worlds in complete VR immersion in this story driven fantasy adventure. »
price€ 19.99
genre#action #adventure #vr
released14 Nov, 2018

Volcan Defend the Tower

31 days ago
« A solo development and the first game of Processor Game Studios presents "VOLCAN defend the Tower". A third person shooter on an open world sci-fi game, play as Sollum to defend your Volcan Towers against your enemies while exploring a planet earth with nature... »
price€ 11.24
genre#earlyaccess #earlyaccess #casual
released13 Nov, 2018


32 days ago
« Sipho is an action survival game with an intricate building system. Grow your own creature and take over the local ecosystem. Fight, grow, survive, dominate. »
price€ 11.59
genre#earlyaccess #action #strategy
released13 Nov, 2018

Red Matter

35 days ago
« Red Matter is a story-driven VR puzzle adventure game set during a dystopian sci-fi Cold War. Take on the role of Agent Epsilon, an astronaut of the Atlantic Union dispatched to an abandoned Volgravian moon base on a frozen, faraway planet. Your mission: to investigate a shady top secret research project. »
price€ 22.49
released10 Nov, 2018

Foosball VR

36 days ago
« Play the VR first table football simulator and feel close to real-world foosball sensation or... have fun with exploding balls! It's all up to you. The advanced physics ensures correct ball behaviour while smart AI delivers a fair dose of a challenge to keep you entertained. »
price€ 14.99
genre#simulation #sports #vr
released9 Nov, 2018
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