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Scrindies always supports indiegames and indiedevs. Here are some recent games which might deserve more attention!

Earth Atlantis

18 days ago
« Earth Atlantis is a side-scrolling shooter with an original "Monster-Hunting" gameplay. Search and hunt down dreadful sea monsters and explore the post-apocalyptic underwater world. »
price€ 11.99
genre#action #sidescroller #singleplayer
released29 Jan, 2019

The Warhorn

18 days ago
« The Warhorn is a medieval RPG mixed with city-building and management elements. Play as an adventurer who decided to leave his dull life as a lumberjack behind to explore a dangerous world full of puzzles in the pursuit of the most valuable relic mankind has ever seen: The Warhorn! »
price€ 19.99
genre#earlyaccess #adventure #rpg
released29 Jan, 2019

Rogue Empire: Dungeon Crawler RPG

22 days ago
« Rogue Empire is an tactical turn-based RPG with randomly generated content and heavy Rogue-like elements. Choose one of multiple character combinations and advance it with unique abilities! Embark on a quest to heal the 5 kingdoms and understand the mysteries of the First Shadow! »
price€ 10.61
genre#rpg #roguelike #dungeoncrawler
released25 Jan, 2019

Destiny or Fate

22 days ago
« Destiny or Fate is a deck-building roguelike game. Build your own party and card deck and set out on an endless adventure! »
price€ 12.49
genre#earlyaccess #earlyaccess #strategy
released24 Jan, 2019


23 days ago
« Klaus is lost and alone. Who? Where? Why? He doesn't know anything. Only you can help him find the truth. Join Klaus and K1 - a friendly brute - as you explore this puzzle platform game based on precision, through a geometric kaleidoscopic world with high contrast and pop art. »
price€ 10.61
genre#adventure #greatsoundtrack #platformer
released24 Jan, 2019

Jon Shafer's At the Gates

24 days ago
« At the Gates is an indie strategy game from Jon Shafer, designer of Civilization 5. You are a dark age lord building a kingdom to replace the crumbling Roman Empire. Manage your clans, explore the landscape around you, harvest its resources, and build a mighty economic and military machine. »
price€ 26.99
genre#strategy #4x
released23 Jan, 2019

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong

24 days ago
« Ride into a fun skiing themed construction puzzle game; packed full of creative physics-based challenges, sports and bloody disasters! Build chairlifts, gondolas, bridges and jumps to guide your riders away from (or towards if you feel like it) peril! »
price€ 14.99
genre#simulation #casual #building
released23 Jan, 2019

Dungeon Of Dragon Knight

24 days ago
« Dungeon of Dragon Knight is a dungeon crawler role play game, based on grid system. You will lead your team to continually discover clues, solve the puzzles that surround you, and survive in dangerous dungeon. »
price€ 11.96
genre#earlyaccess #rpg #adventure
released22 Jan, 2019

Thrusty Ship

24 days ago
« Pilot your Thrusty Ship in space. Fight gravity, collect Cores and smash a bunch of space junk, but watch your fuel! In Thrusty Ship, the only enemy is yourself... »
price€ 14.39
released22 Jan, 2019

The Settlers® : Heritage of Kings - History Edition

25 days ago
« With this modernized History Edition dive into the diversified mix of enthralling build-up matches and exciting real-time fights. Manifold landscapes await to be explored and populated. Includes the main game plus the two expansions. »
price€ 11.99
released22 Jan, 2019
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