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Scrindies always supports indiegames and indiedevs. Here are some recent games which might deserve more attention!

Robot Builder War

18 days ago
« Lead your robot team to liberate the world from the evil CCP. Customize your robots by different parts and traits. »
price€ 11.59
genre#strategy #robots #turnbasedtactics
released20 Jun, 2020

Colony Siege

19 days ago
« Build your base. Construct towers, traps, mechs, and other defenses. Command your units in battle. Can you survive the enemy onslaught? »
price€ 16.79
genre#strategy #simulation #towerdefense
released19 Jun, 2020

Britannic: Patroness of the Mediterranean

19 days ago
« Explore the Britannic, sister ship of the infamous Titanic, and relive her tragic sinking after striking a mine in the First World War. »
price€ 12.49
genre#simulation #casual #rpg
released19 Jun, 2020

Nordic Warriors

19 days ago
« Enter the real time tactical nightmare of Nordic Warriors and use your handful of brave souls to stem an endless horde of undead horrors. You'll need to take advantage of the terrain and your Hero abilities to heal and lead your units as you blast, smash or slash your way through the unfolding apocalypse. »
price€ 14.27
genre#realtimetactics #rts #strategy
released19 Jun, 2020

My Beautiful Paper Smile

19 days ago
« My Beautiful Paper Smile is a horror game about a child who is raised in a facility to wear a smile forever. In the facility, he and his friend are tested daily to make sure their smile doesn’t fade into sadness. Dodge, run and survive your way through this dark adventure. »
price€ 10.79
genre#point&click #2d #action
released19 Jun, 2020

Grit Paintball

19 days ago
« Grit Paintball is a Virtual Reality tournament paintball trainer and simulator. Aimed mostly at current paintball players looking to gain an edge in the real game, Grit allows players to practice from home. »
price€ 11.59
genre#simulation #leveleditor #singleplayer
released18 Jun, 2020

Starship EVO

19 days ago
« Create the Starship of your dreams, explore a vast and vivid world and jump into epic space battles. Experience a truly unique and powerful building engine where your imagination is the limit. Welcome to the next evolution in Space Sandbox gaming! »
price€ 16.79
genre#action #adventure #simulation
released19 Jun, 2020

The Sims™ 4

20 days ago
« Enjoy the power to create and control people in a virtual world where there are no rules. Be powerful and free, have fun, and play with life! »
price€ 19.99
genre#casual #immersivesim #simulation
released18 Jun, 2020

Cricket Captain 2020

20 days ago
« Cricket Captain 2020 is the perfect companion if you are missing live matches, as the hugely anticipated season is disrupted. We have created the 2020 season as it was originally intended, including rain-delays in one-day matches, and the new 100 ball competition. »
price€ 20.99
genre#strategy #simulation #sports
released18 Jun, 2020


20 days ago
« Combining third-person action and guided meditation, Waking is an emotional adventure through your dying mind. Battle the forces of oblivion, conjure the memories of loved ones, and join them in the fight for your life. »
price€ 13.43
genre#action #adventure #atmospheric
released18 Jun, 2020

PRHighscore Processing Unit

Highscore Processing Unit is here to revive this old time feeling of arcade games. Play fast, break your highscore, break all the highscores, and take the glory! From the ashes of the outmoded breakout genre, rises an entirely revamped gameplay. Feel free to insert a coin and take your chance...
Discover on Steam
genre#arcade #retro #casual
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