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Scrindies always supports indiegames and indiedevs. Here are some recent games which might deserve more attention!


17 days ago
« Transcend the material realm and assume your true form as Spinch, a hyper-agile organism consumed by the quest to rescue a litter of its missing offspring, in this side-scrolling, psychedelic platformer from the mind of award-winning Canadian cartoonist, Jesse Jacobs. »
price€ 8.36
genre#action #psychedelic #platformer
released3 Sep, 2020


17 days ago
« ULTRAKILL is a fast-paced ultraviolent retro FPS combining the skill-based style scoring from character action games with unadulterated carnage inspired by the best shooters of the '90s. Rip apart your foes with varied destructive weapons and shower in their blood to regain your health. »
price€ 13.43
genre#earlyaccess #fps #characteractiongame
released3 Sep, 2020

My War

17 days ago
« You are a soldier besieged by enemies during an unknown war. There are enemy troops around you, and you are a target for missiles and furious soldiers and officers eager to smash you. »
price€ 21.85
genre#action #shooter #arenashooter
released3 Sep, 2020

Outer Frontier

18 days ago
« Ever since man first looked up to the stars he has sort to conquer the deepest realms of space. Grow your people against all odds in this minimalist colony building survival simulation. Seek out your fortunes in the Outer Frontier. »
price€ 11.59
genre#strategy #colonysim #turnbasedstrategy
released3 Sep, 2020

Ultimate Wall Defense Force

18 days ago
« Ultimate Wall Defense Force is a single-player, action game made for VR. Fly into a God-mode fantasy inspired by outrageous anime fights. Defend The Wall and destroy an onslaught of enemy Geodites by yielding ultimate abilities in the palms of your hands. »
price€ 12.49
genre#action #vr #flight
released3 Sep, 2020

The Last Farm

19 days ago
« The town of Riverside has suffered a disaster and is on the verge of starvation. They need your help to restore their farm and grow food in a harsh and unforgiving land. Customise your crops, build vast automated systems and endure toxic blightstorms, and rebuild The Last Farm. »
price€ 15.99
genre#simulation #earlyaccess #rpg
released2 Sep, 2020


19 days ago
« Touhou girls fight dramatic battles in the sky! A 3D fired-up battle action game based on Touhou Project! Features a "Fired-up Battle System", in which characters abilities change to the playing song. »
price€ 27.19
genre#action #fantasy #characteractiongame
released20 May, 2016

Raiders Of The Lost Island

19 days ago
« Raiders of the Lost Island is a LOCAL co-op party game where up to 4 players compete in looting treasures from a sinking island, while building a boat to survive the final wave. »
price€ 8.63
genre#casual #pvp #competitive
released2 Sep, 2020

There Was A Dream

19 days ago
« Live a magical adventure with There Was A Dream and take part in the epic clash between dream and nightmare in a wonderful open world. Explore, farm, craft, fight and more. Embark on an adventure where your actions shape the world. »
price€ 16.99
genre#earlyaccess #adventure #singleplayer
released2 Sep, 2020

Operation Citadel

21 days ago
« This game covers ALL fronts of the second world war, and the powerful editor can be used to recreate almost any conflict. The game is WWII based but can be reconverted by you. The workshop and all the editors are awaiting you ! (No multiplayer, PBEM only, or solo VS AI). »
price€ 12.49
genre#strategy #hexgrid #worldwarii
released5 Mar, 2020


Vor is a supermassive star, cradle of the perfectly disciplined Vorlaw civilization. You, are nothing but some disruptive outlaw with a toxic need for freedom.
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genre#mmorpg #scifi #procedural
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