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Wrecked Destruction Simulator

0 hour ago
« Want to see Grandma get hit by a Semi Truck? Make it happen Want to see an old man walk into an exploding napalm canister? Make it happen Want to see an F1 car slam through a cow and ploy through a TV? Make it happen While in Early Access, the game will be updated 100% based on the community. »
price€ 8.19
genre#earlyaccess #earlyaccess #simulation
released15 Feb, 2019

Tiny Love

1 hour ago
« TINY LOVE! is a ride with colorful, cute main characters specially suited for introducing children to the VR realm and highly recommended for a fun family time. TINY LOVE! follows the adventure of Nefasto and Lubella who fall in love at first sight. Come experience the TINY LOVE of a life time! »
price€ 0
genre#adventure #freetoplay #casual
released15 Feb, 2019


10 hours ago
« Special Operations Forces / Raiders - Restore the balance of power. The enemy will adapt, we offer a challenge to the right operator. This is a First Person Shooter with Role Play elements where your choices matter. Take the right mission at the right time or face the consequences. »
price€ 3.99
genre#rpg #violent
released22 Feb, 2019

Hex Defense - VR

10 hours ago
« Hex Defense is a virtual reality tower defense game. Engage in combat defending your base in this inmersive tabletop world. Setup your defenses, manage and modify them according to the situation. There are 6 different biomes to defend, 9 turrets to access, 17 upgrades to be made, and more... »
price€ 5.6
genre#casual #action #strategy
released15 Feb, 2019


15 hours ago
« A little girl, Hinata, finding her missing cat in a mysterious and dangerous castle. This place once belonged to the famous Duke Shewell's family, but it is abandoned now. And there is a big secret hidden in this castle. »
price€ 0
genre#freetoplay #adventure #rpg
released15 Feb, 2019

Zoo Constructor

17 hours ago
« Zoo Constructor - Construct and manage an animal park. Economic simulation with complex animal, climate and plant simulation. The constructor has tools for soil, water, roads, fences and plants, personnel, visitor facilities and decorations available. »
price€ 17.99
genre#earlyaccess #strategy #earlyaccess
released15 Feb, 2019

Creepy Vision

18 hours ago
« Being held hostage by a mysterious dark dimension, the protagonist tries to escape his personal prison, which is quite adaptive to his thoughts and, therefore, actions. »
price€ 3.99
genre#action #adventure
released15 Feb, 2019

Arena of Shaelo

18 hours ago
« Arena of Shaelo is a pixelated co-op card game set in the world of Shaelo. Once you begrudgingly take a step into the arena, it soon dawns on you that it is only through the power of teamwork that both you and your teammate might make it out alive. »
price€ 0
genre#casual #strategy #cardgame
released15 Feb, 2019


19 hours ago
« Help young investigator James uncover the dark truth behind the murder of the Smiths' and their missing daughter Ellen in this thrilling 2D pixel horror game. »
price€ 4.91
genre#gore #violent
released15 Feb, 2019

Beat Blaster

20 hours ago
« Beat Blaster is a VR game in which the player must master the art of shooting, running and dodging obstacles and ennemies. An original mix of styles with each level offering a new challenge. »
price€ 15.99
genre#action #adventure #casual
released15 Feb, 2019
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