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b.m.g 19 - bike messenger go!

1 hour ago
« Get in the role of an urban bike messenger, ride, walk and sometimes use a car trough the city and deliver letters just in time. Race and chase in the streets or in the velodrome! Earn money with deliveries or in competitions and spend it for your individual style and ingame features! »
price€ 3.99
released21 Mar, 2019

Space Junkies™ - OPEN BETA

1 hour ago
« Play Space Junkies™ for free now during Open Beta! Space Junkies™ is a visceral, jetpack-fueled VR Arcade Shooter where you fly through deadly Orbital Arenas in hostile space, facing off in extreme battles! »
price€ 0
genre#action #sports
released21 Mar, 2019

Final Assault

1 hour ago
« Final Assault is an action packed, WWII themed RTS that capitalizes on the power of VR. Command massive ground battles as the skies erupt in dynamic dog fights. Combat requires quick thinking and fast reflexes. Fight the battle, win the war! »
price€ 16.74
genre#earlyaccess #earlyaccess #strategy
released21 Mar, 2019

Skirmish Line

3 hours ago
« Experience the brutality and randomness of war as an Allied tactical commander in the Pacific Theater during World War 2. Train, equip, and command a squad of soldiers as you fight against the fanatical Imperial Japanese Empire. »
price€ 8.49
genre#strategy #violent #difficult
released21 Mar, 2019

We. The Revolution

3 hours ago
« As a judge of the Revolutionary Tribunal, preside over complicated cases of ordinary citizens, dangerous criminals, and enemies of the revolution in revolutionary Paris. Make judgments, plot political intrigue, and try to not lose your own head! »
price€ 17.99
genre#strategy #historical #difficult
released21 Mar, 2019


5 hours ago
« The story of the writer Mike Williams, a specialist in paranormal phenomena, he is sent to the dead city of Centralia to search for inspiration, to finish writing your book on the paranormal. »
price€ 3.19
genre#adventure #classic #singleplayer
released21 Mar, 2019

Spark of Light

7 hours ago
« Help Nerow bring back the light to his magical world and search for hidden fireflies that guide him through the darkness. Solve the mysteries of the stolen light together with Nerow on a magical journey to rescue the Sun-bug and restore the natural balance! »
price€ 4.99
genre#adventure #casual
released23 Aug, 2017


8 hours ago
« Welcome to EggFight! This is a game of fighting other eggs and accomplishing your mission first. Use various weapons to crash and disturb the other eggs! »
price€ 0
genre#earlyaccess #action #earlyaccess
released25 Mar, 2019

Mundus - Impossible Universe

10 hours ago
« We invite you to join the great shaman in a quest to explore the impossible universe in this fantastic match-3 game. You will find dozens of unique worlds with their own rewards… and dangers. Face challenging match-3 puzzles and meet strange denizens of fantastic planets. »
price€ 3.74
genre#casual #match3 #mouseonly
released20 Mar, 2019

Heathen Engineering's Terran

18 hours ago
« Galactic Strategy | Tactics | Action! Found an empire and expand across the stars, command massive fleets in interstellar conflicts and pilot powerful warships as you battle for victory in Heathen Engineering’s Terran. »
price€ 28.89
genre#strategy #action #space
released21 Mar, 2019
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