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you are pig sitter

16 hours ago
« you need to plow the soil and grow up crops with poor land for live. make machine with doctor and use it ! you can make more efficient way to harvest! and one day make automatic everything! »
price€ 3.99
genre#simulation #earlyaccess
released22 Jan, 2020

A Space For The Unbound - Prologue

24 hours ago
« Prologue chapter of A Space For The Unbound, an upcoming slice-of-life adventure game with beautiful pixelart set in the late 90s rural Indonesia that tells a story about overcoming anxiety, depression, and the relationship between a boy and a girl with supernatural powers »
price€ 0
genre#adventure #casual #relaxing
released22 Jan, 2020

Herbalist Simulator

1 day ago
« Become a herbalist in a small village. Treat various diseases using natural methods. Prepare healing mixtures. Travel to search for better ingredients. Do not wait. »
price€ 3.39
genre#simulation #casual #adventure
released22 Jan, 2020


1 day ago
« AudioWizards is an accessible audio game experience full of arcade action and charm! Embark on an audiotastic journey to defend the world of Sondveiw. Master the sounds and defeat elementally imbued monsters together with your mentor Saundaman. »
price€ 3.99
genre#action #casual #greatsoundtrack
released1 Sep, 2019

looK INside

1 day ago
« looK INside is a 2.5D narrative game based on the palpable interactions that the player makes in a book summarizing in images and texts the life of a French family at different times and periods of their members' lives. »
price€ 6.99
genre#casual #adventure #relaxing
released22 Jan, 2020

Flaky Bakery

2 days ago
« A retired hero who is too lazy to bake more than 5 loaves a day. Think you can earn money and not sell out? »
price€ 3.39
genre#casual #strategy
released21 Jan, 2020

Global Fortune

2 days ago
« Global Fortune is a business management game on a global scale. Build and manage a global supply chain, take advantage of regional specialties in production, and ship your products around the world to maximize your profits. How large can your corporate empire be? »
price€ 12.49
genre#earlyaccess #strategy #simulation
released21 Jan, 2020

Ether Loop

2 days ago
« Ether Loop is a hardcore fast-paced bullet hell with roguelike elements. Descend the unforgiving depths of a mysterious world, encounter challenges, discover dynamic environments and fight ruthless creatures while unveiling the secrets of Ether Loop. »
price€ 9.59
genre#action #adventure #roguelike
released21 Jan, 2020


2 days ago
« OUTTA GAS is a post-apocalyptic RPG featuring a turn-based SHOOTING GALLERY combat mechanic where blasting away body tiles damages monster health and decreases their combat stats. Explore four unique acts to find gas and get back on the road to the Party at the End of the World! »
price€ 15.11
genre#earlyaccess #rpg #earlyaccess
released21 Jan, 2020


2 days ago
« Hyperspeed neon brick-breaking with bullet time and explosions. What more do you need? How about ludicrous powerups and multiple game modes? You're welcome. »
price€ 5.93
genre#action #casual #arcade
released21 Jan, 2020
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