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Sea Salt

1 day ago
« Sea Salt is a dark fantasy reverse horror action-strategy game where you play as the nightmarish force of Dagon by controlling and growing a horde of minions. »
price€ 12.74
genre#action #strategy #adventure
released17 Oct, 2019


1 day ago
« Vile is an action rogue-lite about fighting demonic creatures and other horrors throughout a vile world. Fight enemies and/or complete random objectives given to you in procedurally-generated dungeons to put a stop to the creatures forever! Collect souls, find new weapons, new artifacts, and battle EPIC bosses! »
price€ 10.79
genre#action #roguelite #pixelgraphics
released16 Oct, 2019

War Solution - Casual Math Game

1 day ago
« Whole wars were won by the use of Math. From ingenious attack machines in Middle Ages to cryptographics codes in modern wars. In ‘War Solution’ your calculation and reasoning skills will be put to the test to solve puzzles and destroy the enemies. Are you ready for it? »
price€ 3.29
genre#casual #action #adventure
released16 Oct, 2019

Your Island -KIMI NO SIMA-

1 day ago
« Your people landed on a virgin forest island. Develop the island, build a house, make fields and barns, develop agriculture, fishery and industry, Let's develop into a wonderful island. It is a box-garden / sandbox-type simulation game that guides people and develops and develops islands. »
price€ 9.99
genre#simulation #sandbox #citybuilder
released16 Oct, 2019

The Jackbox Party Pack 6

1 day ago
« It’s the wildest Party Pack yet, with the absurd deathmatch Trivia Murder Party 2, the weird word circus Dictionarium, the hidden identity game Push The Button, the comedy contest Joke Boat and the offbeat personality test Role Models. »
price€ 20.74
genre#casual #multiplayer
released16 Oct, 2019

Incredible Dracula: Vargosi Returns

1 day ago
« It's time for the lady of the castle to take charge in this thrilling adventure featuring a role-reversal twist no one saw coming! Break from the ordinary and "unlive" a little! »
price€ 4.55
genre#adventure #casual
released19 Sep, 2018

Night shot

1 day ago
« This is a very fun, fast and simple game, both adults and children can play it. Each of the players has his own cowboy for whom you need to collect ammunition in order for him to shoot at your opponent. »
price€ 0
genre#casual #massivelymultiplayer #arcade
released22 Mar, 2019

Kamile: The Fall

2 days ago
« KAMILE is an interactive VR experience set in 2084. You are Kamile. Your husband is a genius scientist responsible for a huge breakthrough in AI development. When work-related incident turns into family drama you’ll be forced to fight and flight to protect your son and his secrets. »
price€ 4.99
genre#earlyaccess #earlyaccess #action
released16 Oct, 2019

The Legend of Crystal Valley

2 days ago
« The Legend of Crystal Valley is an indie point n' click adventure game, based on story and exploration, set between the real and the fantasy world. »
price€ 6.55
released9 Apr, 2009

Alone in the War

2 days ago
« In this isometric shooter, you are the only agent left to destroy an entire army of soldiers. Get your weapons and get ready to shoot anyone in your way. »
price€ 27.82
genre#action #casual #violent
released16 Oct, 2019
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