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ANNIE:Last Hope

2 days ago
« “ANNIE:Last Hope” is a HD Voxel top-down shooting game. The story began in 1990s. There was an outbreak of an unknown creature invasion and a couple got separated when escaping. Annie went on her difficult journey in search of her fiancée. »
price€ 7.37
genre#action #adventure #rpg
released6 Apr, 2020

Notruf 112 - Die Feuerwehr Simulation 2: Showroom

2 days ago
« The Emergency Call 112 Showroom offers you the possibility to design and implement your own textures and share them with the community via the Steam Workshop. Compare notes with other gamers and build the textures of your fire fighting station so that it is ready for the main game. »
price€ 0
genre#freetoplay #simulation #casual
released6 Apr, 2020

Robot Fight

2 days ago
« Robot Fight is what it looks like. A simple, funny "board game". Fast play with 1-2 minutes per round. The realy play with friends game. The feeling of life, when we laugh together about ourselves and our friends. Of course, it is spiced with the words "how can you be have a such of luck". »
price€ 9.99
genre#action #multiplayer #funny
released7 Apr, 2020

Northern Tale 5: Revival

2 days ago
« Ragnar - the fearless leader of the Vikings, fell in battle with Evil. But this is not the end! The Scandinavian God Odin decided to return to him not only life, but also youth. Forward to meet new adventures! »
price€ 4.99
genre#strategy #simulation #adventure
released30 Mar, 2020


2 days ago
« Istoria is a Story driven Turn-based Strategy Game. Follow the Story of Nemu and her comrades, find/craft Items and customize your Characters. »
price€ 8.49
genre#strategy #earlyaccess #turnbased
released7 Apr, 2020

Skin and Bones

3 days ago
« Fast-paced retro style platform game where you take control of two unlikely friends who must work together. Travel through strange worlds with the super-energetic "Skin" and the grumpy but strong skeleton "Bones". »
price€ 3.19
genre#action #casual #platformer
released5 Apr, 2020

Lost Memories 3 Side Stories

3 days ago
« Important note: Use the modifier to modify the data in the game will be judged cheating, the penalty is life-long ban on running the game! The game moderate liver injury, clearance time at least 200 hours, before you buy it must be estimated whether the body can bear it. Is your liver OK? »
price€ 0
genre#freetoplay #rpg #adventure
released10 Apr, 2020


3 days ago
« Ufflegrim is a traditional roguelike with card-based, creature summoning combat. Every enemy is not only a challenge, but also a chance to capture unique allies and abilities for your deck. Take on the pilgrimage and travel to the bottom of the 100 floors. »
price€ 5.6
genre#traditionalroguelike #casual #roguelike
released6 Apr, 2020


3 days ago
« Gutwhale is a roguelite about managing the space between you and your ammo, while fighting your way through a digestive system »
price€ 3.59
genre#action #platformer #actionroguelike
released6 Apr, 2020

Space Station Manager

3 days ago
« Space Station Manager is an exciting game where you own a space company, your main goal is to build a space station, make profit, grow your business, build an economical network, and expand beyond the solar system. »
price€ 5.99
genre#casual #simulation #earlyaccess
released6 Apr, 2020


iubes are intelligent cubes - prepare yourself to deal with it. A strange world for an alternative online strategy game. Learn to master the iubes, set up your most efficient strategy, and cross their world to defeat the other players. Might you become the only King...
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genre#strategy #rts #multiplayer
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