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40 days ago
« DarkAir is a fun action-packed flying shooter racing game where you compete against other players by uploading your top scores on the Global leaderboard and completing challenges »
price€ 4.49
genre#action #combatracing #racing
released18 Sep, 2020

Crisis Arcana

40 days ago
« There you were, ecstatic that you had been chosen to serve as the grand wizard's newest apprentice. Next thing you knew he's legless and horrific monstrosities are now roaming the realms. It's your job now to go throughout these realms and defeating the horrors that lie in wait. »
price€ 5.69
genre#dungeoncrawler #rpg #adventure
released18 Sep, 2020

VR Travelling in 18th-19th Century Europe

40 days ago
« Our excursion game contains multiple sub-games and the three additional games of bow and arrow hunting, wooden fork fishing, and snake eating. »
price€ 6.96
genre#casual #walkingsimulator #vr
released16 Sep, 2020

The Developer

40 days ago
« Run your own game development company, creating hit games for over 60 years worth of console releases »
price€ 4.83
genre#casual #simulation #strategy
released16 Sep, 2020

Saint Emiliana

40 days ago
« After Emiliana's sister is captured in a Witch Hunt, she offers up her soul to a demon in order to gain the power of a Witch. Now she must wrestle with her faith as she searches for her sister. »
price€ 14.27
genre#rpg #anime #femaleprotagonist
released16 Sep, 2020


40 days ago
« Sokodice is a puzzle game where you must navigate dice through mind boggling levels to match the number of the dice with the number on a designated tile. »
price€ 4.49
genre#casual #sokoban #3d
released17 Sep, 2020

Dog Duty

40 days ago
« As some evil bigwig Octopus Commander and his army are threatening world-peace, it’s up to you and your squad of misfits to eliminate that octo-scum. Liberate outposts, defeat bosses and wreck these wicked squids up, but beware, they’re well-armed. »
price€ 13.49
genre#war #strategy #realtimetactics
released17 Sep, 2020

Goodnight, Lily

40 days ago
« Escape the dark by navigating through nightmares made reality. Follow the light and find your way home as you are hounded by your worst fears. »
price€ 0
genre#adventure #sidescroller #2dplatformer
released12 Aug, 2020

Battle Jacked

40 days ago
« Enter the simulation and experience a whimsical yet tactical battle simulation from both a commander's and a combatant's perspective. Learn to fight, strategize, and manipulate the simulation to gain an advantage in battle. »
price€ 11.24
genre#action #simulation #strategy
released17 Sep, 2020

Shopping Empire Tycoon

40 days ago
« This Game is Basically a Market Management Simulator. Make Your Store Get The Best Profit With Various Upgrades and Unlocks. Including Basic Clicking stuff, Managing Your Own Market , Upgrading and A game with the theme of reaching to going to next level. »
price€ 5.12
genre#earlyaccess #management #simulation
released17 Sep, 2020

PRHighscore Processing Unit

Highscore Processing Unit is here to revive this old time feeling of arcade games. Play fast, break your highscore, break all the highscores, and take the glory! From the ashes of the outmoded breakout genre, rises an entirely revamped gameplay. Feel free to insert a coin and take your chance...
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genre#arcade #retro #casual
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